James R. Mayhew

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James believes that our organizations, teams, and homes deserve a better brand of leadership.

Since 2009, James has designed coaching systems to improve the leadership capacity of men and women. Specializing in leadership development and organizational culture, James creates strong teams by strategically aligning their operations, strategy and brand with their culture.

Never one to teach what he hasn’t experienced personally, James concentrates on learning people’s strengths and what’s going well within the organization, rather than focusing on what needs “fixed.” His approach was derived from the experiences in his own leadership journey from team leader to c-level, and his approach has won him favor with a wide variety of organizations from businesss to non-profits.

James helps executives, directors, and emerging leaders harness four powerful leadership virtues: humility, confidence, empathy and courage.

His latest work focuses on helping individuals generate maximum productivity and impact with his unique program, the Busyness Project.

James and his wife, Beth have two adult sons and love adventures in the back country of the American West.