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Execution mastery.

Get unstuck and start growing again.

Leave the chaos behind for good with a
framework that gives your people the confidence to do their jobs with extraordinary excellence.

"...the blueprint for a high performance culture."

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Essential Listening for
Purpose-Driven Leaders

Join James on his Podcasts

Confidence Covered by Humility

James and his guests explore what it takes to lead your company, your team, and your home with humble confidence. 

Confidence Covered by Humility has a nice a mix of short form and long form episodes with content featuring business tips and tactics, fascinating guest interviews, and "Faith In 5."

James Mayhew partners with business leaders who want to build a culture that performs, inspires confidence in others, and serve with extraordinary excellence.

Lead Thru Values

At the heart of every high performance team is a values set. Your corporate values represent the best of who you are, what you stand for and what you don’t stand for… individually and collectively. 

Join James as he shares his experiences with discovering, defining, and deploying values with his clients and move from ordinary to extraordinary. 
essential viewing for leaders of high performance teams

Your growth & success are a result of how you develop people.

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Are You Tapping into the Exceptional Talents of Your People?

Improve engagement and team culture by understanding what makes each person on your team exceptional. 
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Are You Bending The Curve?
Talent Development Must Outpace Your Growth

Be mindful of this major culture pitfall during times of rapid growth!

Your competitive edge begins and ends with your culture.

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How Your Business Thrives with Values

Create a competitive edge through your company's core values.
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Don't Risk Culture To Chance

Why you musn't leave your core values open for interpretation.
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Core Behaviors Drive Results

How core values drive action and help you hit your business goals.
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Default Company Culture?

Why you need to pay attention to your company culture.
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